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Linux cloud servers

  • From 0.83₽ (~€0,01) / hour
  • Switching parameters in one click
  • Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Hardware
  • Perfect solution for a startup
Parameters Slidebar
Data Center
The minimum RAM, processor and hard disk requirements depend on the type of the operating system.
vCPU cores

p/ hour

p/ month

Guaranteed CPU power,%
                             (applies to all available cores)

Please, check the exact exchange rate at your bank.

Additional options

Additional IP address 100 ₽ (~ € 1.5) per month
DDOS Protection 7000+ ₽ (~ € 115+) per month


CentOS  Debian  Ubuntu  Suse  Fedora  FreeBSD 
CentOS 6 и 7   Debian 8 Ubuntu-14.04,
16.04, 17.04
openSUSE 42 Fedora 25 FreeBSD 10

Linux Slidebar (KVM)

Slidebar KVM is a scalable virtual server with KVM virtualization. At any time, you can increase or decrease the resources of the virtual server without contacting technical support. All our servers are located in Russia, in our data center situated near Moscow. Servers' uptime is fixed in the SLA at a level of not less than 99.95% (actual uptime is 99.98%). KVM Virtualization provides increased resource performance and enhanced capabilities. Acquiring Linux VPS on KVM in Russia, you get a reliable, productive, and most importantly, low cost environment for your projects.

Main advantages


  • Fine-tune the settings to suit individual needs
  • Ability to change the price of a cloud server on Linux if necessary
Fast Internet

  • Bandwidth up to 100 Mbits, guaranteed - 10 Mbits
  • No traffic restrictions
Favorable conditions

  • 1 free IP address
  • The ability to test a cloud-based Linux server for less than 2 cent per hour
Technical features

  • KVM Hypervisor is a productive and reliable virtualization technology

  • A scalable virtual machine runs on CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and other platforms

How to order?

1. Register in the personal Cabinet
1. Sign up in the personal Cabinet
2. Replenish Your account balance
2. Replenish Your account balance
3. Order your favorite service
3. Order your favorite service

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