Linux hosting (PHP)

9 ₽
~ $0,14
  • 150 MB
    Disk space
  • 1web site
39 ₽
~ $0,5
  • 5 GB
    Disk space
  • 1web site
99 ₽
~ $1,3
  • 10 GB
    Disk space
  • 3 web sites
199 ₽
~ $2,5
  • 15 GB
    Disk space
  • 10 web sites
399 ₽
~ $5,0
  • unlim
    Disk space
  • unlim web sites



Please, check the exact exchange rate at your bank.

The following popular CMS are guaranteed to work on Inoventica Services’ virtual hosting:

Supported technologies:

Support of PHP up to version 5.6 MySQL via PHPMyAdmin Connection of scripting languages XCache caching systems
Code protection
from Zend Guard
Use of iocCube for code protection Web server
NginX 1.8
Web server Apache 2.4

Linux Virtual Hosting

We provide virtual hosting services for linux in Russia. Our hosting is reliable - uptime of our servers is 99.98%. They are located in Russia, and the main data center is based near Moscow, in Vladimir. Due to this location, the sites on our hosting have a low ping across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China. 

The minimum payment is only €0,75 per month, there is a system of hourly payments and all taxes are already included in the price. You can pay for our hosting services using your credit card.

How to order?

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