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Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual desktop is a simple and convenient way to stay productive.

User gains access to the familiar Windows environment customized to the his or her needs, regardless of the operating system or device he or she uses (Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS). Virtual desktop is workspace that replaces a physical computer.

User gets full access to the workplace via Internet. Physically, VDI is located in one of Inoventica Services’ data centers.

You can download applications here: Android Download Windows Android iOS Скачать виртуальный рабочий стол Windows iOS



VDI with Office application package LibreOffice

20 GB empty storage included

Hour cost per user:

0,83 ₽*


VDI with Office application package Microsoft Office 2013

20 GB empty storage included

Monthly cost per user:

1500 ₽

* Calculated according the service rate of 600 ₽ per month. Вilling period since the moment of adding the service. Charging will be stopped when blocking or deleting the service.

The standard set of software programs includes

Office suite, depending on the tariffOffice suite MS-Office-2013Офисный пакет LibreOffice

 OneDrive         GoogleDisk          YandexDisk        DropBox

Silverlight    Mozilla Thunderbird Skype paint.net

Chrome     Firefox     Opera      Flash       Adobe Reader     7zip

Benefits of VDI

No need to administer or install software

Your workplace is ready-to-use and already includes a set of software programs that you need for work.

The risk of data loss is minimized

Whatever happens to the device your use, you data is securely stored and fully protected on the server.

Virtual desktop is not tied to any specific device

Whether you are using a desktop computer, tablet or a thin client/monitor combo, you can always gain access to your personal workspace.

Protection from intrusions and hacker attacks

There is no need to worry about anti-virus software or network security – Inoventica Services experts will take care of that.

Your computer’s performance is not important

The only thing that matters is Internet access.

No need to invest

into equipment or software licenses, or spend money on power, maintenance and support.

To get access to your virtual desktop, all you need to do is click on the link and enter your login and password.

Virtual desktop Windows - Inoventica Services

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