Inoventica Services is Russia’s largest provider of cloud services and a Top 5 IaaS provider in the country. Inoventica Services has its own Slidebar cloud infrastructure, offers a wide range of SaaS applications and its own InoSphere Cloud Service management and billing technologies.
Formula for Success:
  • Our own communication channels
  • Our own Data Centers in Russia
  • State-of-the-art equipment from major vendors
  • Wide range of software applications
  • Information security
  • DDoS protection
  • Cloud Service management system
Inoventica Services has a track record of 15 years of providing first-class hosting and IT-outsourcing services. Our Data Centers currently support over 2000 web sites and hundreds of physical servers for our clients.

Inoventica Services is part of INOVENTICA Group of companies. INOVENTICA Group is the first IT operator in Russia to build public, hybrid and private clouds on a national scale, by offering its clients access to a single common pool of distributed information and computing resources managed by the group’s member companies and partners and based on the Group’s own infrastructure.


  • Olga Ponomaryova
    General Director
  • Alexander Ilyin
    Technical Director
  • Oksana Kosolapova
    Accounting Manager
  • Armen Shamyan
    Deputy Technical Director, Operations Manager
  • Artur Sarkisov
    Sales Manager
  • Boris Gulai
    Director of Server Infrastructure

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