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VDS with IPv4 and virtual network

About virtual server

You can order a virtual server with Linux or install your own image. You can order up to 25 virtual servers at the same time with one click. After ordering in the VMmanager 6 control panel, you can connect them with a virtual network.
You are assigned an IP address and disk space with your data, you can stop other resources and not pay for them when you do not need the service.
Moreover, when it becomes necessary to increase the VDS power, you can easily add as many resources as you need at the moment, and then reduce them again or leave them, depending on the task.
No more imposed tariff plans from the provider - you create your tariff plan yourself and pay only for the resources you need!

Main advantages

2 data centers

  • The ability to connect to any of the 2 data centers in Russia - in Moscow, Vladimir
  • More than 40 connections with telecom operators in Russia
Technical features

  • Full administrative access
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Server availability – 99,95%

  • 1 static IP address

  • A detailed analysis of network traffic (incoming and outgoing) is included in the price

  • The minimum network connection speed is 10 Mbits, the maximum is 100 Mbits
  • Unlimited traffic

How to order?

1. Register in the personal Cabinet
1. Sign up in the personal Cabinet
2. Replenish Your account balance
2. Replenish Your account balance
3. Order your favorite service
3. Order your favorite service

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